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Event Overview

World Clean Coal Conference is the series events in response to the new challenges and opportunities facing clean coal industry worldwide. By introducing the leading coal companies, power utilities, oil & gas companies, chemical and fertilizer producers’ innovative experiences, addressing the major challenges in government policy, regulation and industrial standards, delivering latest developments in technologies that help clean coal industry build new business model fitting into a low carbon and sustainable future.
    Our Conference Focus:

Coal upgrading Coal gasification & syngas production Coal-to-liquid (CTL)
Coal to chemicals including ammonia, formaldehyde, BDO, olefins, PP, PE, C-4, MEG and etc
Clean coal power generation & IGCC
Chemical engineering
Hydrocarbon processing


World Clean Coal Conference, Korea 2017
October 25-26, 2017 | Seoul, Korea

The conference intends to highlight the growth potential of Korea coal gasification, coal to SNG/IGCC industry and strives to provide meaningful coverage on current trends in the clean coal industry landscape.

To this end, discussions on policy incentives and investment strategies for coal gasification and IGCC developments, evolving technologies, and international and regional best practices, among others, are woven throughout our comprehensive conference program.

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World Clean Coal Conference, Annual Assembly
November 15-16, 2017 | Beijing, China

Modern coal chemical industry has experienced an unprecedented development in China during last decade.

There are needs to explore a possibility of using coal gasification as the feedstock for producing electricity, petrochemicals and fertilizer in some other countries such as India & Indonesia.

The upcoming conference will try to offer you a comprehensive coverage of global coal gasification & CTX market with policy incentives, demonstration project updates and proven technologies showcase.

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World Clean Coal Conference, India
January 18-19, 2017 | Delhi, India

Coal continues playing its dominate role in India’s efforts to achieve a targeted 7-8% economic growth and its demand is expected to rise 41% in the year ending March 2017.

Clean coal technologies like coal/petcoke gasification, CTX technologies are gaining momentum with the solid support from the Indian government. Activity in the burgeoning coal/petcoke gasification market is set to accelerate in India as a growing number of players from the coal, oil & gas, steel, refining and power sectors place the concept at the their strategies.

Coming back on last year’s success, this 2016 brand new event has tried to offer you a new angle to look at the clean coal market in India with fresh project updates and various tailored made roundtables.

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World Clean Coal Conference, Indonesia
May 9-10, 2017 | Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is opening its market for global technology leaders on coal gasification and other new processing technologies given its growing domestic energy demand and abundant coal reserves.

With the falling coal prices, calls amongst industry shareholders in Indonesia to limit production of coal and increase the focus on value-added projects are growing louder.

This timely event will bring together key players in the Indonesian and international coal upgrading and coal conversion markets to debate and discuss the significant market grow opportunities present in Indonesia’s energy restructuring.

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Who should attend

Coal mining companies
Power companies
Oil & Gas companies
Fertilizers producers
Technology solutions and services Consultants
Who should sponsor

Clean coal project developers
Coal grinding, drying & upgrading technology vendors
Coal gasification technology licensors
Syngas treatment technology providers
Urea technology providers
Wastewater treatment companies
Key equipment providers
Investment and financial advisory
Who should exhibit

Coal grinding, drying & upgrading technology Materials handling and service
Coal gasification technology
Syngas treatment technology
Urea technology
Chemical processing technology
Wastewater treatment
Heat exchanger
High pressure technology
Pump and valve
Automation product
Filtration and separation solution Air separation unit
Safety service
Worldwide Opportunities on Coal Upgrading, Coal/Petcoke Gasification, CTL (Coal-to-liquid), Coal to Chemicals, Syngas, Clean Coal Power, IGCC and etc.
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